no, i actually need a large.

i bought two dresses today.  (L) was the size.  that might even fit under "normal" size.   if you know me, you know that is a big deal.  i almost passed out in the fitting room when they fit.  
not even kidding.  
large has always been in my vocabulary but not in dress size.  i am getting there.  everyday i am a little closer to the goal.  sometimes this journey, that my own self is to blame, seems SO long and hard. but little things like trying something on that you actually like, and it fitting, remind me that even though i have made this journey so much more complicated than it ever had to be, when i reach my goal, i will have done it alone and for me.  and only me.  and the reward will be that much greater.  i can do this.  i will get there. somehow.
thank god for the journey, because it gets you to your goal.

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Alicia said...

AWESOME! i seem to make my journey harder everyday, but i too, will get there! i actually had this same experience a couple of months ago. my absolutely favorite "preschool teachin" pants were on sale...woo hoo! my very least favorite store, but on sale none the less. so i take myself there on my lunch break to pick up a few (thousand) pair. i immediately went to the "womens" section and picked up the size i had been buying. and do you know what? they were too BIG! never happened in my life....."oh, i need to go back and get the next size DOWN!" i actually bought pants in the "misses" section that day...the largest size in that section, but the "MISSES" "normal" sizes! Sorry so long, but CONGRATS ANYWAY! YOU WILL GET THERE! NO DOUBT!

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