why are you so random and bright?

there once was a city, and in that city,
there was a road, and on that road there was a house.
my house.
and beside my house, there was another (house).
with that house there came a yard, a green yard.
and in that yard there was a tree.  
a pretty tree.  a manicured tree.  
it is belle meade, you see.
that manicured tree bore lights.  
those lights shone bright on christmas night.
and then...
there were those other nights too.  
you know?
the january, mid january and late january light up the night lights?  
who knew?
and then there came...
the february random light up the night lights.
and then driving home tonight,
before my wondering eyes appear,
it's a march 4th light the night night.
oh dear.
just so you know.  don't be confused.
my house is the one.  yeah,  we only have a porch light.  
we are boring, only-bring-out-yo'-lights-on-thanksgiving night.
so maybe we are not that bright.
but look to the left and you will see,
(if you are randomly lucky)
the random light the night, 
our old neighbors would have never stood for this!
those lights were meant for christmas night.
not january, february and march night lights.
watch out april.  it will happen to you too.
and that, my friend, is no april fools.
that's all.  the end.
...more monthly light the night updates to follow.  
i know you can hardly wait.  


Anonymous said...

My favorite post yet!

Anonymous said...
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Alicia said...

i really hope you never have to delete one of my comments! i do LOVE this post! everyone knows one of THOSE houses! thanks so much for the fun!

jessica said...

haha. i just deleted it, because it was the same comment as above. it just printed it twice! ;-)

Sarah said...

You are such a dork! (I can say that because you already called me that to me today!) I love the poem. And the picture. Very nice.

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