the opry is grand!

guess where i went the other night?
yep that's right.
(assuming you guessed the grand ole opry.)
we were among lots of greatness.  my roommates had gotten the tickets for my birthday.  it was a true act of love.  bess can handle country, bluegrass even and i would attempt to say she even likes some bluegrass.  LD on the other hand.  might as well be fingernails on the chalkboard. (ahhh.  i can hear it now.  uuuuh!)  she hates bluegrass!  hates it.  i could not be anymore clear here. she does not like it at all.  so just the fact that she purchased the tickets and was willing and happy to go.  love.  and i am not gonna lie, it kinda made me extremely happy in a mean spirited kinda way to know that i was thoroughly enjoying all that ole' bluegrass and she was sitting there smiling, pretending to enjoy it as well. happy birthday to me. mean, i know.  just being honest.  but who doesn't like bluegrass?  i mean, seriously.  
i have always said at my wedding that i was gonna have a hoe down for the rehearsal dinner and then only bluegrass at the wedding, just to see how long she can endure.  i know, not nice. but it sure is fun.  
so i am sitting there loving everything...knowing she is...well...not liking it as much...
and then...
ole bobby osborne and the rocky top x-press had to go and mess up everything.  have i mentioned she loves the vols?  loves them. rockytop might as well be her national anthem.  when she hears that song...fuuugetaboutit.  suddenly instead of shifting in her seat she was doing a little jig in her seat and clapping, and loving every minute of it.  what, LD loving bluegrass...i never.  
well, that ended after two minutes.  
and she had to endure the rest of the night.  
darn. it was an exciting night to be at the opry.  josh turner was gonna be there, and then the show was ending with carrie.  carrie underwood you might have heard of her.  that gal can sang, but it is unfortunate she's not a looker.  take notice of the crowd above when just another regular run of the mill AWESOME act was about to perform.  no one is out of their seats, area around the stage clear.  basically, the people that work the floor are bored.  never fear, carrie's near. okay, he is just cute.  he was singing, "she's a firecracker, she's the love of my life..."  and his wife was playing the piano in his band...laughing and smiling the whole time.  now that's just sweet.  i need a mr. turner. these guys were good too.  real good.  i think they have done this before.  and LD...i think she is still awake.  LD, there? well, i think i could.  they make it look really easy.  and there are a lot of sparkles, you know i like that.  and make-up...lots of that too.   and now, notice.  notice the crowd.  that gal, carrie, is on her way out.  people are freaking out, probably crying. and her birthday is two days that makes the craziessss especially, well, crazy.  i think my photos from the balcony were probably just as good as the craziessss. 
okayi did kinda want to go down and get my camera amongst its peers (not gonna lie), but someone had to keep LD awake.  and it would have been really embarrassing if i would have gotten up and she fell over on bess. imagine the humiliation.  she does like to embarrass me.  
carrie underwood.  she and i favor.  if you know me, just pretend.  if you don't know me, spittin' image.  we both have legs, blue eyes and birthdays.  her picture could only be in color, because her dress was outstanding. (i think i need a yellow dress now for my friends wedding.  not that that had anything to do with anything, but i just needed it to be known.)   those other bluegrass fellas, they are good, great even.  
but they ain't got a yeller dress like this one. if they did, they would have been in color too.
the end.

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