age matters.

as most of you know by now, i am a nanny.  old news to most, i'm sure.   but just in case you were oblivious to the fact that i do frequently post blogs about my little fellas or your head has been in the sand, here is another ode to my fellas.
they had two of their best gals over to play yesterday.  my little fellas are three (twins, if you are confused) and the gals that came a courtin' (just kidding) are three and almost five.  they are family friends so they know each other well and love each other lots.
but every time they get together, every time!  we always have the same conversation, and it always happens while they are having a snack.  today was no different, snack - peanut butter on cinnamon raisin bagel toasted.
ummm.  ummm.  ms. jethica.  hey ms. jethica.  
is she older than me?  (this is what he's got my back right?  i know you are gonna tell her i am older.  ready.  set. go.)  
yes, she is.  she will always be older than you.  (aw, man, ms. jethica!)
oh, oh, okay.  why?
because she was in her mommy's tummy first.  so when you are five, she will be seven.  
oh, oh, because she was in her mommy's tummy first?
yep.  that's right.  
oh, oh and me and my brudder were in my mommy's tummy at the same time, right?
that is right.
hey, ms. jessica.  are you older than me?
yes, i am....
oh, oh, i know.  you were in your mommy's tummy a wong wong wong wong WONG time ago, right?
right.  (stop laughing.  it was not THAT LONG ago!)
wanna come to work with me?

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Alicia said...

age does matter! i have the exact same conversation with my two at least twice a week! only our usually starts with "mom! tell her she will NEVER be as old as me!". if only they knew there would come a day when they would want to be the younger one! it's amazing how we see time differently, they think we are old and we think we are oh so very young!

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