thank god i'm a country boy.

okay.  we are back to the weekend.  just in case you haven't read any previous blogs (which i find hard to believe!!!), this weekend my friend directed a film production she had written.  she asked me to do hair and makeup on set, and we all had a great time. the filming took place in a little place called mitchellville, tn.  to get to the location of filming, you had to drive a couple of miles, then go through the wide open pasture, open the gate, drive through, close the the cows don't escape.  you get the picture.  the whole opening of the gate and closing of the gate seemed to be the complicated part. not the looking where you are walking, there might be some cow poop...oh crap.  the gate.  one of the extras, who also happens to be the directors boyfriend and also a personal friend of mine, was nice enough to drive us back and forth any time we needed something or bellyached long enough to convince him we did not want to use the outhouse.  i know.  i know.
this whole driving us back and forth also meant there was a lot of opening and closing of the gate for him (or us, rather).  and yes, although it would have been just as easy for the person on the passenger side to get the gate, he never complained or asked for help, he just jumped out and happily got the gate.  
(eeek.  i mean the gate got him.)  
there were also plenty of serious actors, hair and make up get the point, to help at any time.  
the first time we got the privilege of seeing him open and close the gate, it didn't go so well. just as he would get one side, and go to get the other, he would look and the other side had swung out of his reach....this happened about eight times.  and yes, the van FULL of people were in hysterics laughing.  laughing, offering no help.  clearly, we are the losers here.  
so then i got smart.  on our way back to set, i remembered that i had my video camera, so i passed it to the back...hoping for another drama filled gate adventure.  just trying to help a sister out, she's gonna need out takes everyone!  
and i always deliver.  
(make sure your volume is up.)


Purp. said...

haaaa! i laughed the entire time. absolutely hilarious!

i was definitely the lucky passenger blessed with this wonderful task (about 4 times)... and i did that same dance (the swinging, the locking myself out....minus the hopping over part) lol. fun times!

Alicia said...

too funny! you really have WAY too much excitement in your life! thanks for sharing.

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