thank you ethan.

look at this awesomeness that my nephew made for me.
it's a large 24 X 36 canvas.  i still need to frame it, but how cool is this... it is very antiqued looking and just sheer perfection.   he knows me so well!  (not saying that i am antiqued looking or sheer perfection, by the way....thank you very much.)
here are some closer shots to see the detail.  he knows...
i love birds. 
i told him fifteen hundred times.  he listens.  hark, it's a sparrow!
i mean, COME ON.  
this boy's got some talent.  
hey, i call 'um like i see 'um.  my favorite number is 42, 
he decided 13 looked better.
and this coolness in the corner.  what did i do to deserve such a lovely gift?  he must love me a lot.  i am touched and it is something i will cherish forever.   i think i might be his favorite aunt.
thank you ethan.  i love it and you!

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