all in a days work.

there is an art to being a good nanny, being a ninny in not one, thank you.  
nanny nanny boo boo. 
i truly have an earnest desire to teach them how to be the best three year olds they can be which will one day translate into adulthood.  that the minuscule things that i am able to teach them or model for them will make an impact on their day to day behavior and life.  i feel blessed that their parents could have picked anyone in the whole wide world to care for these precious fellas and they chose me.  the integrity that i try to provide in my day to day with these fellas is something i take seriously.
music.  it is important in life.  it is art.  it is something that these boy need to know about. their pops has graciously given them every instrument known to man, including two drum sets. did you hear me???  TWO drum sets.  i write because i can no longer hear.  i have been informed that a mandolin is what they want next.  strings, we need to stick to strings, boys.  take it easy on ms. jessica please.
sing.  and as most of you know, i like to sing.  i like to sing random songs.  i like to sing for no reason at all.  i like to sing if you say a word i like.  you get the picture.  
and i am truly sorry. 
build up.  
do you feel it?  this is gonna be great.
genre.  it started out as just a game, now we are serious. they need to know the different genres of music. they are three.  three year olds must be in the know, especially if its up to me.
this was from a couple of weeks ago, these videos were shot in succession.  my little fella in the video, is the quieter one of the fellas, he is sweet and soft spoken and normally lets his brother shine while he basks in his glow.  but this dude has got it.  he knows his music and he ain't afraid to tell you about it.
the song in the selections below, i am sure you have all heard it and might even know it, if not you soon will.  orange is his fav' color (notice the shorts) and we are singing the name song, with the color orange. you, orange, bo-borange, banana fanana fo-forange, me mi mo-morange, orange. try to keep up.
our first conquest RAP.  r-dizzle! beat that, snoop dog.  
moving along...
next, COUNTRY.  brad paisley?  what.  what?  
then....OPERA.  i think we might have a star on our hands.  
and just incase you forgot, i am the one in the front seat singing all these songs first...
wouldn't you like to hear that?
i didn't think so.

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