i was going through some photos last night, looking for some good ones.  this one does not meet my expectations, but it was a fun day.  i seem to end up with shoe and leg pictures A LOT.  i have no idea why.  i do usually like my shoes...and they are attached to my legs...hmmmm.
this picture was taken at a UT game.  phil's last to be exact. we were on the third row.  fun huh? it was pouring down rain.  are you jealous?  and freezing?  every time you stood up to scream, when you sat back down, yeah...nice wetness on the back end.   blue tennis shoes over there to the right, we were trying to break her in, she is a wanna-be tennessean from utah.  she had never been to a UT game, we took care of that.  so now she can stay.  you are welcome.  it's not up to her anymore, she can not leave.  
you got that, blue shoes?  
thanks for playing.
that's me to the left, but i bet you knew that already.  it looks just like me, afterall.  apparently, i missed the memo that a storm was a' brewin' because i wore cowboy boots, the logical choice for a stormy, wet football game.  that's my orange scarf fluttering in the wind (i mean, soaking in the rain) too.  go vols.  
at least, i got something right that day.  i try, okay?
and the gal in the middle.  she is seven.  does it seem odd that she looks relatively the same size as us?  yeah, to me too.  
we were really focused on the basket...i mean...base...i game as you can tell. 
hey, watch it...this is only one picture.
please don't ask to see the others.  
thank you and goodbye.

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lormichael said...

FYI LD was there too, but was watching the game!

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