country music i come.

today i registered for the country music half marathon.  (dear lord.)  you register through elite racing.  so does that make me an elite athlete?  i kinda think it does...i'm going with it.  did you know to run the country music half marathon, it cost $100.00?  there better be a lot of freebies at the expo!  and thousands of us do it!  i think it is kinda crazy to pay that much money to sweat bullets for hours...i also think it will be the best money ever spent when i cross that finish line next saturday.  
i can not believe that i registered and have the confidence and ability to do a half marathon.  my time will not be the fastest, but i do know that it will not be the slowest.  
when i started this blog, it began as a journey to the half, but turned into my own sarcastic writing outlet - with barely ever a mention of the journey to 13.1.  i can not believe it
is now a week away.  ready or not, here i come.  
for my friends, old and new who have encouraged me along the way - thank you.  i will be thinking of you all as i trudge along the roads of music city to conquer this goal.  
but mostly i will be thinking of my poor legs...i am so sorry to do this to's all i ask.  and too.  i am sorry to do this to you...but together..we will make it.  i know we can do it. take that, asthma.
this is the closest i'll get to my oscar speech, so just go there with me.  
   thank you and goodnight.

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