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i entered some photos last year in this cool book that was solely being published by submitted local photographers and wanna be photographers (i fit into the latter).  you submitted them, people voted and the photos with the most votes, or just out right exceptional photos were published in the book.  
check out the website -
or go to davis-kidd and buy the book. it is a cool coffee table book with some awesome photographs. none of which are mine. thank you publishers.  just kidding.  well, not kidding that none of them are mine...i didn't make the cut...but my name IS in the back. hey, at least i got my name in a real book!  
below are some of the photos i submitted.  i also submitted some cool ones of musicians and some local nashville spots...i can't seem to find those.  sorry y'all.  
"hey baby.  what's sho' number?"
"what more could a boy want?"
"hard hats required.  always."
"these boots were made for jumpin."
"we are brudders."
i know it comes as a shock to you that i submitted kid pictures. especially those two fellas. 
leave me alone, okay?

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