soccer season 09

it's soccer season.  so on any given saturday, a large acreage of grass is suddenly multiple soccer fields, where you will find most of the dogs, children, parents, grandparents, and those other two stalkers (me and bess, thank you very much) that seem to follow her everywhere.  i am starting to think i should get paid for journaling her life through photos.  
oh wait,  i do everyday.  days when she brushes my hair with the smallest clip that pulls every strand, days when she gives me a pedicure (which reminds me...i owe her $3.00) and charges me.  and the every day when she looks at me and says, "i love you caca."  i am getting paid for journaling her life indeed and would not trade it for anything.
today was her first soccer game ever. and her mothers initiation into soccer momhood and her grandmothers (we like to call her gway) initiation into soccer gwayhood.  say that fast ten times.  i am confused too.  go with me.  gway was a soccer mom before soccer moms were cool.  
and i was country before country was cool. thank you donnie and marie.
little bit rallied and played the entire game and made six awesome attempts and -almost- shots at the goal.  but the darn goalie kept getting in the way.  i wanted to stick my tongue out at her.  i resisted the urge and tried to act like a civilized wanna be paparazzi.  not only were there a few cartwheels and flips during the game by these athletes, there was on more than one occasion the "arms up in defense" move.  basketball, soccer...there is a round ball involved, you wear shorts and a shirt.  it is all rather complex.  

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