more racing.

while running the half marathon saturday, all i was concerned about was finishing alive.  little did i know i had a fan club gathering amongst the midst of the other thousands of spectators. they are sneaky like that.
this was a journey that i never even dreamt was possible and without these little people, but especially the big people who are responsible for them even being in the world, this would have been something i might not have even tried.  there are many things that fell into place for this day to be perfection.   from one of my friends not being able to run, but knowing she was gonna be at the start line so i would not be alone, to randomly meeting a new friend who was also running, and somehow suckered him into starting the race with me.  everything fell into place exactly as it should.  
and seeing these faces coming around mile thirteen, could not have made me feel more alive.  just when i thought the ugly cry was gonna start, i had these little people cheering me on towards the finish. my friend that started the race with me, had already texted me "you did it!" even though he really had no idea if i really had, he knew i could do it too.  then when i finally found my friends, they were all there with arms outstretched.  not to mention my other friend, who lives in route to the finish, at mile 6.7 as i ran by her house, she got up and ran the rest of the way with me.  what did i do to deserve such love and support?  
i am so thankful.
he beat me.  
he ate his wheaties.
i had oatmeal.
note to self:  
next race, eat your wheaties.

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