if ever in st. louie...

if ever in st. louie...
you should go here.  
they are known for their pizza.  don't get it.  it smells and taste like elmers glue.
the staff at this restaurant loves 'em some tennessee gals.  they especially catered to us.  we went because we were told we had to go.  LD and bess ordered the pizza.  i was smart and ordered the salad.  when the pizza came, i immediately smelt glue, school glue.  elmers.  the girls didn't really love the pizza and it apparently is all the rave, i tasted it and said, "you don't like it because it taste like glue."  it tasted like tomato sauce with glue on it.  no kidding.  
when the waiter came over, charlie...he asked why they were not eating the pizza, and they said they did not love the cheese, but it was fine.  he asked if he could bring us out some cheesesticks, that we would love those!  
he brought out the cheesesticks.  
they were glue filled as well.
the waiter and his eleven best friends kept coming to our table and talking to us.  we were laughing and having a good time, even though the food was glue.  the head waiter was stressed though because of the glue pizza, so he bought our dinner and even brought us some great coffee drinks.  the coffee drinks were actually good.  
ain't no glue in coffee.  
the waiter asked if he could get us anything else.  first mistake. LD said, "i really like this cup, can i have one?"  she was kidding.  he gave us twelve.  after two coffee mugs, two trays, twelve plastic drinking glasses, a wine cork screw, and about 30 sweet n lows dumped in my purse by another waiter...
they asked us to come to the bar and have a drink on them since our food was so bad, and we were clearly entertaining them to say the least.  it was a fun night, they wanted their pictures taken with all of us, and kept offering to give us stuff.  i think we could have cleared out the place, it's unfortunate they only had glue filled ingredients.  at one point i said, "man, i want a tshirt."  i heard the owner,  who we had now brought of hiding say, "hey, the girls want a tshirt." i think they might have thought we were famous, poor boys.  
LD would like me to tell you that she had not had anything to drink. and she had not.   i just caught her at a bad moment, but this is some of the loot we left with.  they would not let us leave without it.  what could have been an unfortunate dinner experience turned into one of the best nights!  we all had a good time and even entertained the entire wait staff.  
let's be honest, i bet they are still talking abut those gals from tennessee.
okay......maybe not.

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