some girls have all the luck.

i know it is desperately inappropriate to be so self indulgent to put bikini clad pictures of yours truly on my blog, while laying by the pool and tanning.  but i just could not help myself. so you know what i say to you, "come on in, the water's fine..."  
other than my hair just being a mess today because of all the wind...this bathing suit is really not my style.  the bottoms are jorts (jorts = jean shorts).  not really cool or comfortable while wet and tanning.  i'm just saying.  and i know...i know.  "relax" you say, "your muscle looks all stiff and tense."  well, you try laying on this concrete stuff without a towel.  helloooo cold.  
shiver me timbers.
and my friend, blondie here.  i have no answers.  right after this photo -- i went ahead and pushed her in.  

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