thursdays pirate.

there once was a boy with a curl (he had an earring too),
on thursdays he became a pirate, with adventures out the wazoo!
sometimes being a pirate on thursdays was harder than it looked.
it's that earring, never could he quite get it hooked.
but then, when things would go just right...
he would fight the bad guys with all his might.
bearing his sword, one by one the bad guys would flee.
bringing justice to the world (but really just entertaining me!)
that pirate was a looker, he was as cute as could be.
no time for playing.  always watching out, seeing what he could see.
to be a real pirate, you must master the "argh."
without much practice, he took charge...
he was a pirate on thursdays.  the whole month of may.

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Alicia said...

love it!

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