they say it's yo' birthday...

she knew me before i was "caca," during a time in my life when my hair was entirely too short (i have pictures...they are hidden.), but after my favorite number was forty-two.
she was named after my great aunt that i never knew, but she had a relationship with.  
our entire lives we lived less than five miles away from each other, but never had met until we had a job together while we were in college.
we met when my life was in an uproar and i was really sad, and she needed a fresh start.  when i needed a friend the most, i never thought it would be her that would wipe away the tears and tell me that my life would be better and that things would figure themselves out.  
through good times, bad times, lots of laughter, lots of hurt, and heartbreak...we have been there for each other.
and today is her birthday.  it is a day to celebrate bessie and the day she was born.  it's a day to celebrate the lovely person that she is and that she is becoming.  it's a day of happiness and excitement for everyone that knows her, because we are blessed to call her friend.  
and today i want to tell her just like she told me back then, nearly eight years ago, when i thought that life had given me the hardest hand left to play, and that i would not make it another day...that the sun will still come up, and that i will be here to wipe away the tears, life will get better and things will figure themselves out.  this i know for sure.
some people are blessed in their lives to have friends, but i am especially blessed to have bessie.
forever and ever. amen.

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