and it's quote day.

i was cleaning out some notes i had in my phone, stumbled upon all these quotes that i have written down to remember over the past few months.  they are all earth shattering deep, just like get ready...
often we fight for the people who 
leave and ignore the 
people who stay.
-td jakes
i want to thank my parents for somehow
raising me to have confidence that is
disproportunate with my looks and abilities.
well done.  that is what all parents
should do.
-tina fey
coincident and fate figure largely in our lives.
-agent cooper
what is all this sweet work worth if thou
kiss not me?
-shelly johnson
loose lips sink ships.
-david lynch
the same thing it took to get yo'
baby hooked, it'll take the same
thing to keep him.
-steve harvey
girl, you better "quiet" it!
-andy paul
if you think the grass is greener, it's time
to water your own.
don't lie down with anything you don't 
want to live with forever.
someday i'll have a tattoo, my tattoo
will say, "too bad for you."
random?  yes.  don't you just love them all though?

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