lucky one.

everyday we meet people and we don't realize who they are, where they've been, or where they come from until you get to know them.  sometimes we aren't given the opportunity, perhaps just a one time meeting, but then other times in our lives that chance meeting turns into a friendship and we are fortunate to grow and develop a bond.  and daily i count my blessings when these things happen in my life.
my friend in the pictures above is like that. and the other night, this here fella let me play.  he let me be a bother and take his picture while he was having a serious jam session (that's what he calls them). writing, recording...trying to finish up his fourth album and there i was flashing away.  not caring that he was in the groove, i just kept on, keeping on.  (he will thank me later, i got some good shots!)  and just when i thought..."hmmm. maybe, just maybe, i have enough" ...oh...wait...something else would catch my eye.  and there i'd go again.  picture after picture, he just ignored me and let me do my thing, he gets me like that. occasionally, he would look up from his steadfastness and give me a smile, or something to humor me.  it was probably just to make me stop, but i took it as a sign to keep going, of course.  so, i did.  he never said a word, he just pretended like i was not there.  (and as i write that i realize...wait! that might not be a good thing...but i fell for his trickery)  give her a camera, you don't have to talk to her for hours!  
uh-huh, i see.
then i got my flip camera out. poor thing.  digital camera, video big deal.  when he is famous, and touring the country, i am gonna have so much footage.  when MTV and VHI calls...i am gonna be rich.  i have photos, video...all kinda footage of "behind the music."  just wait until i finish that documentary.  and he thought i was doing this as an act of kindness.  
clearly, i am the smarter one here.  i am just using his skills to my advantage.  please do not tell him that.  
he tells me daily that i am an incredible photographer, i tell him daily that he is an incredible musician.  the difference is, he actually is.  see here is the thing, i am a wanna-be.  i try really hard. and get lucky on occasion after three thousand pictures,  if a picture turns out just right.  he is the real deal.  he has skill.  he has talent. he makes things happen.  he knows what he is doing.  as much talent as he possesses, he stays humble and true to his passion.  
you see i am the lucky one here, i am just fortunate that that one time meeting turned into a real genuine friendship.  (and that he occasionally lets me use him to hone my wanna-be skills.)  
he is true.  he is real.
and i can not wait til MTV and VHI come 'a callin'.  it's gonna happen. and i have all the footage they will ever need. 
i am always thinking ahead...
what are friends for?

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