triathlon weekend.

this past weekend, i traveled with the little fellas and their parents to florida, so their daddy could compete in the gulf coast triathlon.  70.3 miles of swimming, biking and running.  let the good times roll...(and splash and run...)
and while he was sweating and biking and working it...
we were...
picking out our snacks.
eating our snacks.  
taking pictures of ourselves.  
and busting out the silly string.  
(yes,'s silly string!)
then we found some laps to sit in...
just when we were all about to loose it.
now we are gonna play a little game.
name that belly.  
it's a belly line up folks.
please hurry up already.  
we are running out of snacks...
and silly string.
and then the fellas finished the race with their daddy.  
it was well worth the wait. notice who is wearing the metal.  
and drinking the water.

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Pam said...

this last pic is such preciousness; oh my goodness.

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