a day in the life.

ever feel like you are being followed?  EVERYWHERE?  it happened today and he had a camera.  since he is three feet tall, the angles are amazing!  but it's a good story, and that's why i'm here...so i will risk the humiliation.  and i know you are not gonna knock my little fellas photo skills.  
out of all the things in the house, why i was the chosen subject, i have no idea.  they say love is blind.  he must love me.
a day in the life of miz jazica.
sometimes i raise the window (the one on the right) a little while i am cleaning up the fellas rooms in the mornings.  just to air it out, little boys stink.  all the time.  they really do.  
one day one of my little fellas jumped out this here window we are speaking of...twas not his best move.  
this is me trying to convince my little fella to take a picture of someone other than me.  i failed. i am a failure, let's face it.
check out our shoes.  i need some new runners (as my friend in ireland calls them).  the fellas got new crocs yesterday.  they are so proud.
guess what i am about to do???
surely you have guessed.  but for those of us that are more visual than others...
there you have it.  vacuuming.  that's me from the eyes of a three year old.

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