i can make a mean bed.

yesterday as i was making the bed in the guest room, pulling the sheets tights so they have no wrinkles, making sure everything was on tight so the bed would just right...i thought of mommy. 
i think it is often entertaining when you are doing something that you do daily or often and then out of the blue a thought hits you.  that's how it was yesterday.
as i was making the bed, i though of her.  she was the first children that i nannied for grandmother.  she was sweet and kind, and almost like a grandmotherly type to me as well. before she passed away i was at her house, helping her do some things and i made her bed.  as i was putting on the flat sheet, she said, "someone must have taught you how to make a bed right, because you sure make do make it pretty.  you even know that you are suppose to put that sheet on right."  she was so impressed with my bed making skills as an twenty year old girl. after all, what should a twenty year old know about anything, much less about bed making.  
as i was making that bed yesterday, i couldn't help but smile as i thought of her.  and you know what, i CAN make a mean bed.  there are a lot of things i would like to do well or do better, just have more confidence in my abilities, but i have some bed making skills.  maybe i should have considered a job in the hotel industry. maid in manhattan, things couldn't have worked out better for her.  

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