i stole them.

so my cousin got married last weekend.  they are off in some
tropical island paradise as i write enjoying some ....well...... SUNSHINE (what did you think i was gonna write?)  the wedding was lovely, my cousins wife jennifer was a beautiful bride, i convinced one of my favorite people to go with me, and i was surrounded by lots o' love and family.
i kept getting distracted by the click, click, click of this fella. show off.  i mean, check out his lenses.  i wanted to know him, be him and steal his camera.  
he was everywhere and he had two helpers.  their lenses were the same as his.  i was surrounded and totally distracted.  i mean, just look at them.  i think if i would have just taken one, they would have never noticed.  
so i did.  took it right out of his hand.  because i am smooth and not to mention cool.
just kidding.
but it was kind of obnoxious that he was always right in front of me snapping away.  knowing that i love a good camera. 
i think he paparazzi.  he is no good.  running around trying to get pictures, not caring who or if he harmed - all for a good shot...  
whew.  that makes me feel better.  i stole them all.  put them in the back of my car.  afterall, just trying to save a life of a celeb one camera at a time.  
you can thank me later.

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