seeing double. seeing double.

seeing double.  seeing double.  no, your eyes are not deceiving you, they are identical twins.  they really are.  try to convince them otherwise.  you are thinking they are not, whatever.  you are clearly wrong.  they are.  when they started kindergarten they were very concerned if they were in the same class that the teacher would not be able to tell them apart.  she could.  i have no idea how.
they say love is blind.  
and when they look at each other, 
they see a reflection of themselves.  
i hope they never see it any differently.
and before you start to argue, and say, "they look nothing alike!"  "they are not twins. 
check him out.  yeah, that's what i thought.  you are scared.  he is strong, tough as nails.  and he will take you out in no time flat.  check out those guns.
can't say you weren't warned.

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John and Sarah Clore said...

ok is that oscar or charlie at the end? now they might be identical twins!

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