the pools are open, it is hot in tennessee and i can hardly wait to have a healthy glow.  
since i am the one behind the lenses most of the time, unfortunately there were no pictures snapped of me putting my swimcap and goggles on...stop crying, i know IT IS sad.  
so instead, i caught her in the process.  while you are looking at these,  i need you to think about something.  before you take up a career in swimming, you should really check out yourself in a swimcap and goggles, not everyone looks this good.  natalie caughlin, katie hoff and amanda beard have to have given that a thought before they made swimming their lives profession.  i'm just saying.  you know it's true.  you gotta have a good face.
not everyone can look this good.  
is it even possible to be this cute?  
apparently so. 
bring on summer.  
i am ready to get my tan on!

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