tennessee rocks.

anybody who'se anybody is in tennessee this weekend. from manchester to nashville, they are all here.  bonnaroo and the CMA music fest. i feel confident that some of the best dressed people in all the world have retired their clothes and for the next three days will only don their hippie and country music best. 
if you are in nashville at any given moment, you will see a myrid of gals walking around with too short shorts, a too tight shirt,  a fabulous pink cowboy hat and some aqua boots.  trust me, if you are here - you know what i am talking about. 
it's not good.  
it's kinda embarrassing.
if you are at bonnaroo
i can't the clothing options are not much better.  
that up there, would be bonnaroo
in hole in the wall manchester, tennessee -  80,000 folks listening to the best music around (well, except the for the country music happening right here in nashville)
so if you are not in either one of those place this weekend, i suggest a good book.  stay home.  if not you will just be in traffic for days, but in that traffic...i guarantee some great people watching and some stellar apparel.  
somewhere in that bonnaroo crowd are three people i know.  
brad, jen, ryan...i see you...
please tell me you don't have jorts on...

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