the interview.

during dinner the other night, i had two captive fellas...that i decided needed to be interviewed, here's how it went:
hey c.  who is your favorite person in the whole wide world?
uhhhmmmm.  well, mommy and daddy.
and a, what about you?
um, mom and dad.
what do you want to be when you grow up?
c:  well, ms. jessica.  i am (as he stands on the bench where he is eating his dinner) going to be an orange tiger thats in kung fu panda.
a:  um, i fink i am going to be my dad when i grow up.
c:  and!  (laughing)  you can't be our dad.  he is OUR dad.
a:  oh okay.
well, boys.  what is your favorite thing to play?
c:  gator golf and fumble football with my dad, because you do not know how to play do you ms. jessica, because you are fwagile.
a:  cars.
ah.  what is your grown up job going to be when you are bigger?
c:  well, ummm.  i am going to go fix things and play golf and go to church.  (nothing like living the american dream, kid.)
a:  i am going to work and drive a car.  (and he means be a race car driver, for those of you that don't know...)
are y'all going to get married?
a:  yeah, we are gonna find girlfriends.
c:  when emmy grows up i am gong to marry her.  is aunt alli married, ms. jessica.  i might marry her.
msj:  yes, c.  aunt alli is married.  
c:  oh okay.  well, i will marry emmy then.  oh oh.  what about aunt jenny.  is she married?
msj:  yes.  she is married to uncle james. remember?
c:  oh oh yes.  i am going to marry emmy.
a:  i am going to marry mommy.
c:  (laughing!)  you can not marry mommy.  she is our mammy and her father is daddy!
a:  but i want to marry mommy.
c:  oh okay.  you can marry mommy.
msj:  boys.  actually mommy is married to your daddy.
c:  oh, she is married to brian?
msj:  yes, that is right.
a:  okay, i will marry ally (that is their cousin, but it was time to move on...)
what is your favorite thing to eat:
c:  biscuits  (his favorite food is not biscuits, but was eating them at the time.)
a:  my favorite thing to eat is eggs.
what kind of house do you want to live in?
c:  oh oh.  you mean with the giwl that we marry?
msj:  yes.  i guess.
c:  i want to live in a house like the echo house that is white with a white roof and a black steeple and chimney.
a:  i am going to live with my mommy every time.  when i am four i am still gonna be with mommy, did you know that ms. jessica?
msj:  you are right.  when you are four, you will still have still live with your mommy.
c:  msj, we are done with all these talkings.
a:  well, did you have a good day ms. jessica.
man, i love those guys.

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