three amigos.

i was seven when he was born.  and he rocked my world.  he is my brothers oldest child, and i could not think of anything more that i wanted in the entire world the whole nine months i had to wait for him to be born.  i didn't really know what to expect.  my brother had always just bubba.  and to think that he was going to be a real live daddy was the coolest thing ever.  
and then he was born.  he wasn't just born, he was a big deal. still is.  he was the first baby born in tennessee in 1984.  he as born five seconds after midnight, and instantly was kinda a superbaby.  he was in the local paper, got free diapers for a year and made it on the big screen, as well as many other goodies fro being the coolest baby born in 1984.  
now he is grown.  we have suddenly become the same age.  okay, i am kidding.  i am older still!  he is is a talented musician, he can play the guitar and piano like nobody's business.  he is kind and sweet.  his heart is sometimes too big.  he would give you the shirt off his back. but as sweet as he is, he is still cool.  real cool.  
and don't you forget it.
i love you ben rye.
and then there was seth thomas.  this is my brothers middle child. when he was born just a few years after ben,  i could not believe my lucky stars that i was gonna get two little boy toys to play with whenever i wanted.  
when he was born.  he was a bog deal too. literally. coming in weighing over ten pounds, he was fat and fluffy from the start and man was he fun to hold and cuddle. when he was little sometimes he would have febrile seizures that would send is all into panic.  he was kind as a child, and is still just as kind as an adult.  he loves his brothers and they have a bond like no others.
if it is orange, a football or says go vols...he loves it.  i am none of those things, but i like to think i am one of his favorite things. i do have an orange shirt and i do say go vols maybe that is where the love comes from...he is a sports nut and and encourages my brother to harass me about tiger woods, just to get me going.  
oh, don't you start!  
i will get mad.....  
stop it.
i love you seth thomas.
and then there was three.  i knew he was going to be a boy.  i knew it from the moment they had the ultra sound. i was prepared.  i tried to prepare.  i like boys.  i liked ben and seth.  i even liked the name they had picked out.  i approved...other than the fact he was going to be a BOY.  when his mama went into labor and then they called to tell me "it's a boy!"  i cried.  and cried and cried.  i sobbed.  i boo hooed.  i hated my life.  he was a boy.  i just wanted a girl.  i thought he might come out that way.  
and then i saw him.  i looked at him and fell in love. love. hard core love.  and have never been sorry that he was a boy since that moment i looked in those large brown eyes.  
he is a rocker, he can play the drums.  he is just all around cool and fun.  he will be a senior in high school this year.  he is an artist and can create like no other.  i can not believe that he is tall and big and old.  it makes me feel tall and big and old.  okay, well...not really.
i love ethan lee.
i love you guys!

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These are some good lookin' boys!

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