happy fathers day.

today i love my dad because:
1.   he is my dad.  the only one i have.  do i really have a choice?
2.   he instilled in me values and morals to live by.  he didn't even have to say anything.  i watched how he lived.
3.   he taught me unconditional love.
4.   he has never raised his voice at me.  never.
5.   he disciplined me when i needed it.  and that was very seldom.  of course!
6.   he loves my mom.  and i never doubted his love for her.
7.   he is kind to everyone he meets.
8.   he loves jesus.  and led by example as to what a christian really is.
9.   he carried me to bed every night, until my feet drug the ground.  i never remember a night where he did not tuck me into bed while i was living at home.
10. he made/makes me feel important.
11. when i go home now, he always says something especially sweet when i hug him.  "you are a winner."  i believe in you."  
12. he is funny.  
13. he drove me to school everyday until i could drive.  and when i could drive, i often wished he was in the drivers seat.
14. i always respected the fact that he was my dad and not my friend. he never tried to be cool and be my friend.  he always knew his job was being my father.
15. he paid for my education when money was not a commodity.
16. he let me paint his toenails anytime i wanted.  red, pink, orange. he never wore sandals, and always had polish on his toes.  look, i needed a sister!
17. he taught me to drive when i was 13.  he knew i could even when i doubted.  i could and did.  he said, "okay, you are driving home."  he stopped the car at the top of the drive, got out and told me to drive home.  i drove home without injury, he walked.  maybe he KINDA believed in me...
18. he is smart and can do amazing things with his hands.  build wreckers, rollbacks, wagons, stoves, garden organically.  he has the roughest hands ever, he is a hard worker.
19. he taught me how to be a hard worker.  i never ever recall him taking  sick day or not working.
20. he was always a man of integrity when he owned his business.
21. he is quiet....like me.  (no comment please.)
22. he thinks my mama is the greatest gal ever.  and has thought that since the day he met her at the roller rink.
23. he thinks i am the second greatest gal ever.  and has thought that ever since the day he first laid eyes on me in the dimpstey dumpster. that's where he told me he got me.  he says, "i went to take the trash and heard something and looked and there you were, laying there crying."  oddly, i have always liked that story.
24. he is honest.  although he did tell me growing up that he would buy me three corvettes when i was sixteen.  a white one for church, a black on for funerals and a rad one to go to town in...he never got me those.  i am talking to him today about that.
25. he always made me feel smart.
26. my friends love him.  and always thought he was cool.  he was and is.
27. i have always been proud of him.
28. he never forgets to tell me he loves me when i call.
29. he thinks pale yellow is a loud color.   and dress shoes are too fancy.
30. as someone once said, "anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad."  i am really blessed.
i don't think my dad has ever sat at a keyboard at the computer.  i am quite confident that he has not.  i am sure he will never read this, but just wanted you to know...
if you think you have the greatest dad ever.  
you were wrong.  
the greatest dad ever lives on morrison lane.
sorry. he wins.

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