hj, big o and c.

i have recently gotten the pleasure of hanging with some of my favorite peeps.  they are cool, they are blonde.  they love me.  they did live in nashville, now they are cool chicago kids.
she is eight now.  when i met her she was two and knew more than i did.  she still does.
my first day as their nanny, she was not feeling well.  she was laying on the couch and coughing and she said (lets remember, she is a little blonde two year old.), "ms. jessica.  i think you need to call the doctor."  i said, "well, if i called the doctor what would i say???"  she said, "you would say, 'hello, doctor.  this is ms. jessica!."  
yeah.  i knew i was gonna have a hard time with this one.
when i met him he was a baby, he was cute, he was love.  now he is tough, sweaty and all boy.  and just because he is big and bad now, don't let him fool ya.  in this picture, he is in my lap needing a little extra TLC because the girls were being mean to him.  
girlz rule.  boys drool.  
i didn't tell him that.  
i told the girls that they needed to be nice to him.  (wink, wink)
dear lord.  is there a cuter four year old?  and don't you just love his teeth?

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