morrison lane.

a baby changes everything.  
since his arrival to morrison lane, he has rocked their world.  and all he does is just slobber, drool, poop and stare at me with those big ole puppy dog eyes (oh my dear lord!).  
baby love.
so we just all sit around and watch him say, "moooo."  it is very entertaining.  those are my knees...if you know me, you know i don't really like kids, so i just took the pictures.  
there are a lot of random and annoying dogs on morrison lane.  but in this moment, i thanked him for posing, and snapped the picture.  he is sitting in aunt mop and big daddy's yard looking out over morrison lane at my house.  you see that little house over there across the way...that would be the house that roy built.
'tis big daddy.  he smiled when i said, "hey big daddy!"  isn't he cute?
then i said, "hey big daddy!"  again.  and........then...this is what i got.  nothing.  he is not impressed with me.  at all.
back to that baby.  
he can make animal sounds.  at least that's what they say.  i was not impressed.  he didn't make a one. nothing.  he's rather thin, don't you think?  
and then there was this fella.  he has minnie pearl on his shirt.  really, it's my mama dressed as minnie pearl.  "hey man!  why do you have a shirt with my mama on it!?  who are you???"  
wait.  that's my daddy.  and i gave him that shirt.  it says, "that's my wife."  and it cracks me up.  i think he wears it just to humor me.  and i am easily entertained.  i got him that hat as well (in 1994!).  he wears it daily.  because he is cool.
they are sooo morrison lane.  but they think since they have a small dog with a onsie on, they are LA.  they are not.  they are still morrison lane.  they just bring the cool to morrison lane.  
no, i bring the cool to morrison lane.
i forgot.
what was i thinking?

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