this is what i know for sure.

the pitter patter of little feet can make your day.  make you smile. make you cry.  make you laugh til you cry.
girlfriends are the best.  especially when you get a random call and all they want to hear about is you.  they let you talk until you have no more words, and that is enough for them.  i hope i pay that forward.
just when you are ready to throw in the towel.  life changes.  just be patient, the sun will come up.
exercise can make the difference between a good day and a really good day.
tell the people that are significant in your life - just that.  that they are significant and that you love them.  no one can hear it enough.
when you are thankful - be sure to show it.
if you don't have anything else to do at 4:00.  oprah will be on, rain or shine.
if you need a change - get a "new haircut on."  (thank you wyan.)
be a good daughter or son to your parents.  they deserve it.
i have always thought that stilettos might be the answer to the worlds problems, lately i have learned that greatness might actually lie in the flat shoe.
even if you are scared to death, go for it.  take a risk, you never know what could happen - even if you have no clue.  at all.  trust me.

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