a day at the park.

my favorite boys have left town.  whatever will i do?  at least i have lots of pictures to sort, edit, crop and play with...
sometimes we go to dragon park.  those are the days when we feel like getting out and going to the big city for an adventure.  dragon park is cool.  there are cool people there.  
we immerse ourselves amongst the cool, and try to fit in. 
on this particular day, 
we were trying to be cool.  i didn't want to to break the news to clark kent (superman) that if he was in fact trying to pull off superman that he should probably get rid of the stuffed duckie
hopefully, no one noticed.
then one of the fellas had to go potty.  i mean, really go potty.  you buy what i'm selling?  yes.  disgusting and gross.  not cool at all.  but thank the good lawd for that there port-a-potty or we would have really had disgusting and gross.  the door would not shut, but he did need privacy as he likes to tell me...so we (superman, myself, the duckie and ronald mcdonald -they are in the handle if you can not see them) stayed close by waited forever and a day.  christmas came and went.  then easter
finally i got the call.  and he was through.  
we are officially not cool.
but this picture is.  it's a flat top with a kid on top.
if a picture was worth a thousand words.  
notice superman steadily working, focused and devoted to the prize (pouring all his sand below).
now take a gander at orange shorts.  resting his head, holding ronald and "sand...whatever...i'll get to it eventually."
and this my friends is the response you get when you say, "boys.  we have to leave.  BUT we have to go and get some ice cream before we go home!"

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