little fella #1.

okay.  so it can get old to have your silly ole nanny chasing you around with a camera all the time.  annoying.  i get it.  but they are four, i am not.  i win.  but this here fella.  he runs every time i get the camera out and refuses to let me catch him in action.  
lately he has been feeling very generous.  
or maybe he is just over me.  
that's probably it.
he dresses himself these days.  and i don't have the heart to tell him that he has cooler shirts.  what do i know?
and i have no explanation for this get up.  middle of the day lightning mcqueen pajama pants, a short sleeve polo with a long sleeve t-shirt over the top on an 85 degree day.  he was not hot though and you could not convince him that he was...
my lord.  he is pretty.  i would like to take credit for the handsome fella that he is, i can not.
and if the twenty five layers were not enough, let's add a life jacket to the mix.  because after all, you never know when there might be a tsunami right around the bend.  better safe than sorry.

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