...am the daughter of roy and jane morrison.
...have one brother, he is twelve years older than me.
...sometimes forget how old i am.  i claim twenty three, ori s it nineteen?
...have a slight obsession with birds.  it is getting worse.  i can not explain this.
...never thought this is where i would be at this age.  
...like to dream big.
...love to plan and host parties.
...have to walk you to the door if you came to my house to visit me.  i can not help it.  some of my friends like to make fun of this "ism" i have.
...like love.
...have three nephews.  most people think the are my brothers.
...have a very blessed life.  even on a bad day.
...am a master of the "ong" language.
...have had flowers given to me only once.  for the sweetest reason ever.
...love FALL. love it!!!  it makes me happy.  and makes me want to put on a sweater and skip.
...long to feel needed.
...always wear a watch.  and hardly ever remove it.  
...have recently become a little obsessed with bracelets.
...like real conversations.  deep conversations.  just talking and getting to know people.
...want people to think of me as genuine and kind.
...would like to be famous in a martha stewart kind of way.
...have often said i wish i looked like the rye side of my family and not the morrison side.
...love me some good mascara.  love it.  and eyeliner.
...love being a nanny.
...check my email obsessively.  ;-)
...like to plan trips, even if they only stay in my head or on the computer.
...would like to think i am a hotel snob.
...need to tell my friends i love and appreciate them more.
...am thankful that i moved to nashville.  i have never regretted it for one day.
...enjoy writing a blog.  and would like to write a novel.  
...love that children love you unconditionally.
...love to take photographs.
...like myself a good writing utensil and will rewrite something if it doesn't look just right.
...am thankful today and will be tomorrow as well.

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