morrison lane.

there she be.  thats the road that started it all.  and for my entire eighteen years of life living on that road (there was a few more years later on in life...), i had a picture yearly with that sign to "see how much i'd grown."  (you know, now that i write that...there were also two trees in our yard that yearly my mom took my picture with to "see how much i'd grown."  i mean seriously...did she think my growth rate was out of control?  am i that good at refusing pictures, so she made up a reason?  or did she just take my picture once a year?  what is the deal...) unfortunately for you, all these pictures were not digitized so i will not be able to share those with you.  and yes, i realize your heart is breaking.  please, pick it up off the floor and try to deal.
morrison lane.  gotta love that little lane.

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