sometimes when you fall.

you fall hard.
this happened to me today.
i fell hard. if camera's would have been rolling, i would have won the big money on america's funniest home videos. big money. there's a small chance i could be talked into reenacting my experience and (maybe) i still have a chance. what do you think? maybe i should tell you what happened first and then you should decide if acting is in my future. watch out megan fox. and cameron diaz. and...okay...i'll stop. really. so i am going about my morning, just doing my thang. cleaning up the fellas room, picking up around the house, playing superheroes. (and bad guys, of course.) seeing that the area around the train table looked like a tOrNaDo had just dropped down and stayed, i took it upon myself to clean the area, so the superheroes and bad guys could do their thing and not have the interference of the interfering of lightning mcqueen and his cronies. cleaning. pick up the cars. pick up the tenth car. oh, and airplane. and a train. another car. throw them in the train table drawers. all clean, pushing the drawers in and wait..........falling.............. falling. falling. falling. and..............falling. knee in the car drawer. knee throbbing because there are three hundred metal cars that it has crashed and crushed upon.
still falling.
hand smashed. ouch. why is my hand smashed between the the drawers? get out. i can't. my hand is stuck. and.......... i am still falling.............. falling. falling. falling. falling.
ouch. my face. my cheek. my cheek bone. all my body weight on my left cheek. and did i mention my hand is stuck? it is. at least i have stopped falling. and while all of this is going on... just the nanny. the person responsible at the time. the girl that is in the middle of the train table. that would me. the fellas. they are oblivious to the fact that for the last ten minutes i have been crashing. and they are in the room, relatively close by. close by. making superman fly fast. and trying to convince cat woman that she should be a nice girl. and trying to get her to stay on her four wheeler. they had major problems. they didn't have the time to notice the large mass of girl that was falling. and in my recovery, when asked for just a little sympathy, all they had was... placing batman in one of my hands and spider girl in the other... get it together girl. play with us. what is that?  you just took a tumble? oh! is that what that was?

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