so far.

mondaywas a long day.  it was a long night.  but are mondays ever really fun?  what should i expect?
tuesday.  i survived.  i am a survivor after all.  like not on the show survivor, but in life.  like the song.  you get what i'm sellin'?
wednesday.  if you read my last blog below, twas not looking so swell. and neither am i.  still kinda not a perfectly wondrous day, but who's counting really.  after all, it's hump day. only two more weeks and this week is ova.  ova, my friends. done.  completed.  [thank the good lawd.]
thursday.  5 am.  surprise!   see, nothing good happens at 5 am.  
remind me not to complain about monday, tuesday or wednesday again.  
they were fine.  really!  loved them!  
you hear me monday, tuesday and wednesday!  i take it back. 
you were perfectly good days.  i was kidding, silly...
i am scared to know what friday holds.  i am locking myself in a room.  and not coming out.  the problem is...the room i will need to lock myself in, will be with two little fellas and in that room...there is a train table.  and on that train table was where i landed on wednesday.  
i will keep you posted...if. i. make. it.
say a prayer. 

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