the day is not over.  but so far so good.  
no injuries (i am literally knocking on wood), no car incidences.  
i am at home.  maybe i should stay in for the evening...
the reason i made it through the day is because earlier in the day, i met this guy
he is harry potter's friend, cletus.  
and he cast a spell on me (after he pulled his hat up so he could see me) to have a "mmmagical day."
so i had no choice.  
i had to have a magical day.
then as luck would have it...this fella came traipsing along...and between the tights, hat and those big brown eyes, all i could do was stare....
...until he handed me the boogie on the end of his thumb, 
and asked me to throw it away.

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Alicia said...

They have the best dress up costumes I've ever seen! Matthew and Lilly would go nuts! Dress up is our favorite activiity! Thanks for sharing!

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