and there he stood.

when i met him i knew.
knew that he was the one. knew that this day would come. why me? why was i the chosen one that gets to spend my life with this man? whatever i did right in my life to bring me to where i am right now, i am speechless.
speechless because as soon as my dad touches my arm, i will be walking toward him. walking toward my present, walking toward my future.
the sun is shining, the wind is bristly blowing and the weather is perfect and all of my favorite people have gathered to see my dream.
i never believed anyone would love me. sure, i know people love me, but they have always loved me until. i never believed that anyone would love me enough. love me forever. love me for everything i was in the present. in the moment.
i never believed anyone would want me. touch me, kiss me and want me to be theirs. and no one else's.
he has proven me wrong.
because there he stands.
perfect in every way. him. handsome and about to be mine. he's traditional, but not. he is not wearing the traditional black tux. he is wearing his choice. and it is him perfectly, another reason i love him. i love him for so many reasons, mostly for his heart. mind you, he is the most handsome man i have ever seen, but that is a bonus to the man he is.
and here i come. white puffy knee length tulle skirt, cashmere and barefoot. not the traditional dress, but me. the green grass against my painted toes is perfection. my father in one hand and flowers in the other. my hair is long (finally) and for the first time truly feel beautiful. all eyes are on me and my eyes are on him.
the large open field is our gathering place, the church is run down and old. no electricity even, but so much life has lived in this little place, and exactly where i want mine to begin. not a stretch from morrison lane.
as i slowly walk with my father, i can see a smile on his face and a tear in his eye. how was i ever so blessed? how could anyone be so perfect for me?
as he takes his hand in mine. my father sits down next to my mama. and together we start to recite our life's journey together.
he kissed his bride (that's me) and we are hand in hand walking down the same isle that fifteen minutes ago i walked as a single woman in love. now i walk as a woman with my love.
the crowd has gathered outside. i am overcome with emotions. emotions that i always wondered if i would have the chance to feel. i feel them today. and will for the rest of my life.
because today my life began.
when i saw him i knew.
my friend ben just wrote the best blog, and inspired me to do the same, mine is a much shorter version of what i see when the day is mine. ben's is perfection, and is so interesting reading from a male's perspective. if you get a chance, you should read it. i have a link to his page to the right of my blog.

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The Box Rover said...

I love it. Even though you think it's short, it's quite good, and I found my heart pounding harder! Nicely done!

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