brad d studios.

= package in the mail.
= over a year of writing, mixing and producing.
= finding the perfect cover art.
= locating all the pictures for the collage.
= excitement.
= touching the actual album that he created.
= seeing it with his very own eyes.
= letting me take pictures of the process along the way.
= exhilaration.
= days, months, holidays, weekends of hard work.
= perfecting perfection.
= listening to every beat, lyric making sure it is the perfect "rave jam."
= patience when he was tired and felt like stopping.
= steadfastness.
for months i have witnessed and observed him working so hard, going over songs that were already perfect making them better. pressing on when he was beat and felt like stopping. and making the process of let's rock, a reality. continually i am learning from him. and i couldn't be prouder of what he has created with his dream and vision. congratulations. i could not be more proud.

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brad said...

thank you dearly! your pictures make it perfect. i am forever indebted to you. no worries, much more is in the pipeline :)

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