the first time you...

heard that the first airplane had hit on 9.11. do you remember where you were?
[kissed] a boy/girl. where were you?
lost someone really close to you. what were you feeling?
did something knowing your parents disapproved. was it worth it?
made a really hard decision. was it the right one?
told someone you loved them. was it everything you thought it would be?
realized you were an adult. did it suck?
held your first born in your arms. have you ever felt that feeling again?
said "i do." would you do it all over again?
(drove) a car. was it successful?
did something really really stupid. do you still remember what it was?
wished on a star. did your wish come true?
go outside and try it now... {you never know}
you might get lucky.
and you will have me to thank.
you are welcome.

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