my entire life i have wanted twins. when i was little i had twelve cabbage patch kid dolls (should have known then where my career path was going to take me...) my favorite were the twin boys that had curly hair.
it is funny where life takes you.
i was a pretend mother my entire childhood life. i had ample baby dolls and loved them all. probably played with them longer than most little girls played with babies.
{and there was the fact that my mom would not let me play with barbies, she said "it gave girls a false self image." she should have let me play, then maybe i would have had a false self image and look just like barbie herself...could you imagine how awesome that would be??? i mean, come on!}
some things never change. as an adult, i have always wanted to be the mother of twins. if i am ever blessed enough to even be a mother once, i would love for it to be twins still.
sometimes when i go to work. work with my little fellas, i can't help but think how god really does have a sense of humor. is he preparing me for what's to come? or is he just giving me what i always wanted...i am not their mother, but i get to play an active role in their life. i get to love them. be with them. teach them how to grow to be kind and loving.
thank god for all those twelve baby dolls i had to take care of when i was little...i would never make it through a day!

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