just another day with al.

apparently my life has been so exciting lately i haven't written in three whole days.  it is time to write or i will be in therapy.  writing is cheaper than a shrink, so i write therefor i am.  (except i haven't been writing...well, i have been in the morning...but not on a blog for the world to see...because i know who you are out there world, i know you all read my blog.  uh huh.  i know these things.)  with the lack of intelligent writing and run-on sentences thus far, it is apparent i need to keep up here better with this here blog and let you all in my life more.  
so i must tell you a story.  that happened to me and this guy.  
i also need to tell you that i am at work writing this, i just put the fellas in bed.  i have already been heeded to their room three times and my latest endeavor included this plea, "mith jethica, come and wipe my bottom!" times two.  so this is taking longer than i anticipated, i am missing the movie i was watching and i am thirsty.  see, i am being punished for not speaking to you all in so long.  and for that i am sorry.  
back to the original reason and my original thought.
here's my story (okay, blog.):
the other night.  thursday night to be exact.  this fella and myself decided to stalk some local nashvillians.  we are both quite star struck, as we are now in the final stages of planning our second trip to L.A. in just three months (since out first trip only included an elevator ride with vince mcmahon and his daughter steph -we like to call her that, since we are friends and all-, jay leno, mel gibson and lyle lovett).  we can do better, we still have lindsay lohan, brit brit and the like to meet, people...  i digress.  i will let you know how it goes.  matter of fact, i will write about it.
he heard through the grapevine that sheryl crow and al gore were going to be at the inglorious bastards (pretty sure this is a word i have never written, much less thought it would be included in a blog of mine.  thank you quentin tarantino) premier. so we felt the need to be there to see some of nashville's finest.  
we succeeded in seeing sheryl crow.  let me just tell you her feet are tiny, i think she might wear a child sized one shoe.  i am not kidding.  and she is skinny.  now if you know me well, you know that i have always desired to be anorexic.  i know, i am sick.  but it is my "ism."  i will deal with this, clearly i am not anorexic. stating the obvious.  i know.  i know.  i usually think you can never be too thin.  i thought she was too thin, if that tells you anything.  but i still kinda wanted to look just like her.  stop.  i will stop.
we succeeded in seeing al.  and let me just tell you something. the guy looked better than sheryl.  he was all dapper looking in his suit and tie.  he was looking all presidential (i might be on to something here....hahaha) and esteemed.  we are neighbors, by the way.  he looked good and had it together.  you know who yelled out that he loved him.  he actually didn't have to yell, 'cause whatyaknow...he was headed his way! i stopped him from a full on embarrassing hug...but a firm hand shake and a good solid pat later, we had succeeded in the face to face with bill clinton's bff. tipper was not there, i have always loved her name.  
then eli roth came around the corner.  when you see celebrities, you realize why they are, in fact, celebrities.  they just look the part.  when he walked up, i had no idea who he was, but i knew that he was a somebody.  as sure as he was pretty confident that i was a non-body.  he was friendly, we got an autograph.  
bucky covington as there too.  i had to stop him from throwing himself  at him.  it took a while but i convinced him to compose himself.  thank the good lord, he is always embarrassing me.  they share the same first letter in their name, maybe that's the reason for the infatuation...(okay, i am lying. he never embarrasses me and he didn't even know who bucky covington was...i did.  i would also know clay aiken if he walked by, thank you very much.)
after all that excitement, the night just got better...kinda.  but that's another story.
i gotta spread these things out....

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