my daily lingo.

on a consistant and daily basis these words come out of my mouth. please stop. do you need to go to the potty? are you sure? please go to the potty. go and change your underwear please. please stop talking and go to sleep. time out. four minutes. i will not talk to you if you talk to me like that. please use your inside voice. you need to use a nicer voice please. please answer ms. jessica when she speaks to you. did you hear me? please answer me. yes, we are going on an adventure. do you want to go to the laundry room with me? let's race. on your mark, get set, go. ms. jessica is not kidding. no, i am not joking. bottom please. bottom or knees please. please look at my face. stay in the kitchen please. i am not giving you anymore chances. please come here. i am thinking i should consider expanding my vocabulary. what do you think?


Alicia said...

I think your vocabulary is PERFECT, mostly because I have the same exact vocabulary! Only, I use Mom and Mrs. Alicia in place of Mrs. Jessica! Don't expand it to much!

Dave and Ali said...

Great post. I took your idea and posted a similar list at my blog

I put a link to your blog :)

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