sir paul mccartney.

this past weekend, paul mccartney was in atlanta. i was lucky enough to be in attendance at peidmont park. the show started at 7:00 pm, our arrival time was 1:30 pm. there was no way we were going to take our chances...and just be there. we wanted to be as close as humanly possible. after all, we wanted to see sir paul's breath as he sang, wanted to see the strings move as he played the guitar and just in case he needed assistance on stage, we wanted to be there to heed his call. i traveled with a musician after all, i am no dummy people. if he needed someone to assist, i wanted to help.
we delivered. we were ready. when the gates open and they let the crazies roam about the park, we were there. stepping on blankets, kicking over drinks, knocking out people (okay, that's not really the truth, no one was harmed as we found our place close to paul, i think).
and when we stopped, where we landed did not lack entertainment. this here fella in the white hat. his name is sir al-key-hawl. he happily told us between he and his wife, he drank ninety beers a week. i think he had had ninety five that day, but he was happy to be alive, happy to have three pair of ears to talk to, and well, just happy. we also found out he ran marathons. his marathons are only six miles, but...who's counting really. marathon sharathon, this guy has got beer to partake.
every song paul sang was better than the last. and just when you thought there was no way he could be any better, he would open his mouth and more wonder would pour out.
if you were there, you were moving. if you were there, you were also........wet. yes, it rained for about thirty minutes. the rain added to the night, it made the memory that much more special. the rain was fun for twenty eight minutes. but after my body was a complete prune, i needed the rain to stop.
and it did.
let it be. let it be. let it be. let it be.
a weekend i will never forget. thanks paul.

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