sometimes when i see you. when you talk to me. i don't hear you because i am so lost in you. and who you are. you are talking, and i am focused on you; listening. but my brain is thinking about how thankful i am just to hear your voice for another day. just to be in your presence for another moment. just to be with you.
when i met you i didn't know that i would get to know you. when i left that day and turned to wave to you, i hoped it would not be the last time i saw you. if you knew how badly i did not want to be there that day, i had so many other things that were higher on my "to-do" list but some force stronger than myself made me go. six months later, i call you friend.
i think you have hurt. i think you have been scarred. i want to band-aid your hurt. i want to help the scars heal. i think you will never know what getting to know you has truly meant to me. i could tell you, i could write you, and i will one day, but still think i can never still express the trueness of what these last few months have done to my soul.
when i watch you do what you do best, i am swelled with pride. watching your drive, your focus, your dream. watching you daily make it become a reality thrills my heart. when i see you frustrated with yourself, i know that it is only making you better, stronger. when i see you stress, i know that is because you want to be better, you want to be your dream. talking to you about your dream, listening to you dream. i believe in all that you are. i believe in all that you will be. i also know that you will get there. (there - exactly what you write about, exactly what you dream about.) what is now so impossibly scary will one day just be another day at the office. because of who you are.
when i think of you. and then i think of me. i think that i have been blessed beyond measure to know you. blessed because i am better than i was months ago because i did not know you. in my life i have been blessed. if tomorrow by chance, i never saw you again or never talked to you again. my life will still have been made better because of you.

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