labor day.

today is labor day. (like you all didn't know this.) but just in case you are wondering why no one else is at work and you are. it's labor day. just in case you are wondering why i am awake when i could still be sleeping. it's labor day. clearly, i forgot.
it is also the seventh of september. which is a significant day for me as well.
four years ago, monday nights began at the harding house. it is where i essentially met everyone i know in nashville. on monday nights for two years, there was a party at the house. dinner and hanging out. sometimes there were seven sometimes there seemed to be seventy. just a place to hang out and have fun. although some of my musician friends liked to stay til tuesday morning, because they were used to that schedule, so come 3 am, i would go to bed and hope they would walk themselves out... a girl gets tired after cooking dinner and hosting a party. one time a friend of mine climbed on the roof and knocked on my bedroom window, just to freak me out. that same friend streaked when dared to in our back yard.
monday nights are no more.
six months ago today, i got to be a real live hair/make-up artist on a movie set. dreams do come true. see? i quit hair school and still get to be a big deal for a day, boo ya! i got to meet clark hunter brock (a real celebrity, if you are wondering.) and another real live actor and musician. it was a good and fun day. that was six months ago on this day.
i haven't done hair and make-up since. not mine, nothing. and i am looking a little scary these days. although i have been considering cutting bangs lately. heavily considering it. i really want them, i want them to make me hot.
maybe i will delay a little longer just in case they have the reverse effect.
i am going to LA in a week or so, i wouldn't want to be there with a bad bang up hair cut, trying to fit in.
i would rather look like the tennessee gal that i am, trying to be california.
gotta go. cutting bangs. don't want to get hair on the keyboard.

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