go vols.

because i can. i dressed them in orange and white yesterday to prepare them for game day.
then i told them to STAND STILL so i could take their picture.
you know, just stand beside each other. look sweet. (maybe hold hands, hug.) you know...look sweet so i can have some blog material with your "game day a day early" attire on...
first try: stand still.
and he jumps down the stairs. because he is fwash gowdon (flash gordon, for those that don't speak little fella language.)
okay: please stand still.
just stand still.
"well, ewww see this. i am a power ranger."
guys. please just be still.
let me take you picture.
i have no words. shocking, i know.
and finally.
i said all that to say, "GO BIG ORANGE!"

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