in an effort to [avoid] folding clothes, and awaiting a super workout; i will tell you this. only because i know you want to know. so i will tell you. i am that nice.
i got a spanking once. it did not hurt. please, i beg you, do not tell my daddy. 'cause i cried and cried like he was killin' me. (i am no dummy, people.)
and the reason {for the spankin'} was because i did not take the trash out, and that was my only chore. and i had been told over and over to do it. (so, maybe i am a dummy.)
i don't really like chores.
i also don't really like to be told what to do.
that is why i nanny. i get to tell two little fellas what to do all day. they may not listen, but they sure are not telling me what to do. (they actually do.)
i don't like to take the trash out.
i do not like to take the trash
to the road.
recycle. fuuuugetaboutit. we lived on morrison lane. in the country. we drove our trash to the dumpster.
which reminds me.
from whence i came. the trash. or at least that's what my daddy always told me, 'cept on easter. that i was just laying there looking so sweet in the middle of the dumpster, when he went to sling the trash over...and he climbed in and saved my little soul. [from the ninnymuggins.]
maybe that's why i have a little something against trash. i am ashamed from whence i came.
i used to have a nose ring. is that trashy? i think it might be. i liked it, but i dropped it down the i decided to be trashy no more. my trashy days are ova!
but really, i should like trash.
if it would not have been for that dempsty dumpster, where would i be?
i love trash.
matter o' fact, i think i will go fill up my trash can now and take it out. heck, maybe i will drive to the dumpster just to stir my emotions.
it'll be good for me.

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