When you need to cry, I'll get the tissues.
When you need to laugh, I'll try to be funny.
When you just need a shoulder to rest on, I'll wear multiple layers.
When you want to be crazy, I'll scream in public with you.
If you need to wrestle, I'll be Hacksaw Jim Duggan.
If you need the truth, I'll open up the Bible.
If you want to sing, I'll be your audience.
If you want to walk around, I'll put on my shoes, too.
If you're hungry, I'll cook dinn-- I'll go pick up some Mexican food.
If you want to talk, I'll listen.
If you want to listen, I'll talk.
If you want a challenge, I'll race you.
If you feel unpretty, I'll read poems I wrote about you.
If you feel unloved, I'll hug you and tell you I love you.
If you need your space, I'll be gone.
If you need to have fun, I'll take you to the beach.
this is taken directly from my friend, his latest blog. i thought it was beautiful and wish i had written it myself! read the whole post if you have time, it is a lovely piece.

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